For those of you who have never tried Spikes Tactical’s Barking Spider, ( this is a must have. Lets get any confusion of this device being a “silencer” out-of-the-way up front. Simply put, it’s not a silencer. It will however, allow you to shoot your AR15 556/223 without earplugs and not leave you ringing for the rest of the day at the range. The best comparison or analogy I can give is it’s about the same as shooting a long barrel 12ga shotgun without hearing protection. Definitely not quiet, but not deafening either. I’ve personally used the Barking Spider on 556/223 pistol builds with 7.5″ barrels and not needed hearing protection. Best of all, this item is non-nfa and does not require a tax stamp or any other regulated similarity. You buy these like you would buy a buffertube. When we used the provided flash-hider end cap at night, it let out the smallest of any flash suppression device I’ve ever seen. At the price of $139.99 it’s really a no brainer. Perfect for law enforcement who at times don’t have time to put ear plugs in. There is no “time-out” in the line of duty. Don’t let your hearing pay the ultimate price.  Also available in .30cal for your .300 Blkout build and .308win AR10.