About American Resistance Gear


American Resistance Gear is gun store/gun shop located just outside Nacogdoches, Tx in the small town of Garrison, Tx.  ARG is open to the public with a full retail gun store and gun smithing facility.  Our firing range is also open to the public with classes available for pistol, rifle, and hand-to-hand self defense.

Michael Souza is the owner/operator of American Resistance Gear and Black Rifle Customs LLC FFL/07/SOT.  ARG is a custom AR builder, specializing in the AR15 platforms, and custom Cerakote.  Michael began a career in the US Marine Corps in 2003 and remained active duty for 9 years.  During this tour he deployed to 16 countries, and finished the last 3 years as a recruiter in Nacogdoches, Tx.

Upon exit of the USMC in 2012, SSgt Souza began his personal business journey.  After developing his brand and reputation, he began his training to become a firearms instructor.  Upon completing training courses with at Combat Shooting & Tactics, Michael completed CSAT’s 48hr “Tactical Rifle/Pistol Instructor Course”.  From novice to advanced shooters, Michael has developed a fundamental system that can be tailored to all levels of expertise.

Specializing in custom built AR15’s, Glocks, bolt action rifles, and suppressors.  We build, Cerakote, and machine our parts from state of the art machinery and expertise.  If we wouldn’t use, we won’t sell it.  100% warranty on all our work and customer service.  If you have an idea for a build, give us a call and lets turn that dream build into reality.