I am the owner of Sgt of Arms. I build and sell AR’s and AR parts. I specialize in precision and competition rifles. I have been using HIPERFIRE® 24 series triggers in my personal rifles and customer rifles for a few years now and I love them. When a customer comes to me and ask for a trigger that will compare to their trigger on their custom bolt gun I recommend HIPERFIRE® 24 series. When the ECL came out I didn’t think that they could make a better trigger than the 24C but HIPERFIRE® managed to do so. It has a very clean pull, zero creep, brakes like glass, super short reset and can get it down around the 2.5 pound range. What more could you ask for in a trigger for your next build? I always order mine from American Resistance Gear. Michael and I have been friends since our early Marine Corps days and he has always been a stand up guy. He takes great pride in everything he does and his business is no exception. If you are looking for a new trigger to try out for you next build or want to upgrade your current trigger do be afraid to give HIPERFIRE® or American Resistance a try.