Just got our first shipment of Dead Foot Arms’ (DFA) side folders this week.  These things are impressive!  Installation is as easy as they make it sound and look.  Took less than 5 minutes to remove the old buffer system/bcg and install the new DFA from start to finish.  We built the first one up on a 10.5″ 556/223 AR pistol for our test run.  For the last couple days we have run a couple hundred rounds through this weapon and not a single issue has come up.  DFA made these surprisingly sturdy and easy to operate.  The locking mechanism is firm and has zero slack or wobble to it.  This is one of those items that I will enthusiastically recommend to anyone for their AR.

Here’s a list of notable mentions from our first week with them:

  • We got the Nitride BCG with ours, and even without lube, the action is extremely smooth and surprisingly quiet.
  • Unlocking and locking the folder is easy and ergonomic for the shooter
  • Even on a 7.5″ barrel, the DFA will allow for a forward grip, without a tax stamp, due to the total length being 26″ or more.
  • Price point is right where it needs to be.  It sounds expensive, but considering that the BCG comes with the kit, it’s really not bad at all for what you get.
  • Customer service from the reps at DFA is fantastic!

Closing remarks:  Get one!  This a must have for Carbine length or pistol AR’s both in rifle and pistol calibers.

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