HIT Sling Mklll

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This is a single point sling, two point sling, and best of all:

Hands down the best 3 point sling on the market.

It’s the simplicity that separates the Mklll.

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Advanced Gunslinger Armament’s Product Description:

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The HIT Sling is a 2 to 1 point sling that transitions from a two point to a single point sling instantly. It is designed for all shooting to be done as a single point, while enabling more comfortable carrying as a two point. It also features built in retention for actions requiring both hands. A simple and very clean design ensures simplicity of operation without sacrificing any capabilities.

The Mk III variant features 1.5″ webbing for increased comfort over long durations of use and with heavier weapons such as 7.62/.308 rifles.  With a standard PB/QD SS as the secondary attachment, it transitions slightly slower from a 2 to 1 point, but is easier and slightly faster going from 1 to 2 points.  This is a good choice for those looking for the comfort of a padded sling, those employing a 7.62/.308 or higher caliber weapon, or those looking for a more economical option than the higher end Mk IV.

*Does not include a Rail Mounted Swivel Socket*

*For best performance AGA highly recommends using an offset RMSS because it keeps the rifle and sling in the most natural position when configured as a two point.  We stock the Gear Sector Offset RMSS and vouch for it.

*For those that desire bungee in their sling or do not want to use PB/QD SS’s for the secondary attachment, McLean Corp USAproduces an authorized variant of the HIT Sling that offers both.


  • Primary attachment options from left to right: PB/QD SS (Push Button/Quick Disconnect Sling Swivel), HK hook, MASH hook, or Snap Shackle.  The HK- and MASH hooks have an integral elastic cover for noise suppression.
  • Available colors at this time: Black, Coyote Brown, and Olive Drab.
  • Webbing is nylon Mil-Spec 1.5″ AA-55301.
  • T-buckle junction piece is powder coated 6061 Aluminum.
  • Pull tab is covered with non-skid for ease of identifying and positive traction.
  • All vital hardware is metal and is covered or isolated for noise discipline.
  • Secondary attachment is a PB/QD SS.


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