American Resistance™ Glock 9mm AR Stripped Lower

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Accepts Glock 9mm Magazines (not G43)

Mil-spec forged aluminum

Patent Pending bolt hold open (works on any upper receiver)

Threaded bolt catch screw for easy installation

Machined with precision tools for perfect fits

Anodized black

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6 reviews for American Resistance™ Glock 9mm AR Stripped Lower

  1. greg (verified owner)

    Worth Every Penny! I have not taken it to the range yet, but just finished the build and I could not wait to write the review. This is one of the best designed Glock lower receiver’s I have ever encountered. Running the bolt with Glock mags will lock the bolt open so I have no doubt it will work at the range. Time was put into the creating of this lower to do it right. Buy with confidence.

  2. greg (verified owner)

    Range Report: This is an AMAZING PRODUCT! All Glock mags dropped free, bolt locked open every time, not a single malfunction, and all brass ejected with a very consistent pattern. For reference, I paired this with a standard upper and Faxon barrel and bolt carrier, and the buffer is a “9mm heavy buffer” from Brownells. The cartridge was 115 grain loaded hot, but not over max. Seriously this Franken-rifle runs like a swiss watch. Build your own with these parts and you will be very happy!

  3. nickodge (verified owner)

    I purchased this lower back in November 2018 and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with this product. I utilize this lower with an NFA upper, Maxim PDW brace with a JP silent spring buffer and a Brownell 9mm bolt for the core of the firearm and all of the parts work harmoniously. The lower itself is robust and has a nice finish to it. I like the magazine release as opposed to other 9mm lowers I have handled, its beefy and there is no wiggle room in the mechanism. I currently run factory Glock magazines and have no problems loading or ejecting magazines. And last but not least, the feature that really makes this lower shine is the last round bolt hold open (lrbho) feature. What more can I say, it is a 9mm lower that has a fully functioning lrbho. I showed the build to a relative, who is an engineer, and even he was impressed with the simple ingenuity. Plus all my friends who have 9mm ARs without a lrbho want my build. It simply is a lever that catches the “ledge” of the follower and raises the bolt catch. Think of it as an AR 15 bolt catch with one extra part. The threaded bolt catch screw is prone to coming loose, at least on my model, but I think a bit of BLUE loctite or tiny shred of Teflon tape should remedy it if this should occur. Also being honest the only other thing is that occasionally the bolt catch engages prematurely before the magazine is empty. I have tried to replicate what happened by directly gripping the magazine, changing rates of fire, and changing bullet grains but could not replicate it. I could not pinpoint what happened and cannot even reliably say that the lower itself is to blame. Perhaps the tab on the lrbho on my lower was just a hair proud and will wear naturally, which makes me not worry about it at all. Overall this lower is superb. It does exactly what is advertised and cooperates with a variety of different parts. If I do build a second AR 9mm in the future I’m getting another one of these.

    • Michael Souza

      Nickodge, thank you very much for the support brother! We just found this out about 3 weeks ago on the LRBHO engaging with rounds still in the mag. The cause of this is the JP silent capture spring. It has so much “thump” during operation, that the LRBHO engages. The JP are fantastic buffers, but they do hit really hard during cycling. If you try a regular buffer/spring, you’ll notice the LRBHO operating correctly. Thanks again brother!

  4. wesleyzavala (verified owner)

    Cannot be any happier with this lower! It was definitely worth the wait due to it being on back order. I shot 500 rounds through it so far and since the first round I’ve had zero issues with it! LRBHO works like a charm and stays open every time the mag goes empty! Looks sexy and it works perfectly! Great truck gun or just range toy

  5. wesleyzavala (verified owner)

    Great lower and works phenomenal! LRBHO works flawlessly and ive had zero issues since the beginning. Ran 500 rounds through it!

  6. Tim Yant (verified owner)

    I haven’t had a chance to fire it yet but I can already tell it’s gonna be a smooth operation! I’m running it with a PSA upper and I initially had a fitment issue between the BCG and the bolt catch. The BCG was riding along the top of the bolt catch and would bind up as I charged it. I contacted them and Drew helped me figure out the solution right away. Turns out it was an easy fix and now the firearm charges with no issue. I would definitely recommend this lower if you’re looking for an AR9 that has a last round bolt hold open that actually functions the way it’s designed to. Simple design that works perfectly!

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