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If you chose the option to have Cerakote applied to your upper and handguard, please tell us in the notes at check out what color you want. 


This isn’t your standard upper that just got assembled.  It’s been thought out and engineered with Criterion Barrel’s 18″ .223 Wylde Hybrid barrel. These barrels are currently in service with the US Army Marksmanship Unit Action Shooting Team (1518S-HY12) and the US Marine Corps Combat Shooting Team (1516S-HY8-N). This barrel features Criterion’s proprietary Chrome-lined bore and chamber.  Why is that important to you?  No longer do you have to decide on either match accuracy or extended barrel life.  These barrels are built for any shooting situation you can bring it to and engineered to last a lifetime.  The .223 Wylde chamber gives you the best of both worlds as well.  You can shoot either 5.56 NATO rounds or .223 REM with the same accuracy.  The bolt has been head space matched to the barrel and the carrier is mil spec M16 profile, Nitride coated, MPI tested, and the gas key has been properly staked per mil spec standards.  The upper is a Mil Spec forged aluminum receiver with an added step taken for accuracy.  We’ve taken the time to lap the face where the barrel meets the receiver to ensure a perfectly square fit.  We’ve also bedded the barrel in the upper with 6420 Locktite for added accuracy.  Our 15″ MLOK handguard features MLOK slots on 3 sides, and a full pica rail on top for accessories and sights.


  • Barrel is 18″ .223 Wylde chamber, 1:8 twist,  4150CMV with Rifle length gas system, chrome-lined bore and chamber, hand lapped, dimpled for gas block alignment, and 1/2×28 threads.
  • Bolt is head space matched to barrel and ships with complete bolt carrier group.
  • .750 Steel Gas Block is USA made with precision CNC tools and the set screws have been tightened with RED Locktite to ensure they don’t come loose.
  • Comes standard with A2 flash hider.
  • American Resistance 15″ MLOK Handguard.
  • Sub-MOA is guaranteed out of this upper.
  • The ammo recommend for the very best grouping is Black Hills 77Gr.
  • We’ve tested Barnes 556 nato Match 69gr with 1/4″ grouping at 100yds.




  1. Tlow Armour (verified owner)

    I ordered this on back order and still received it within 3weeks and the ppl at ar was very quick to reply and easy to communicate with during the wait upper it’s self is absolutely Beutiful no blems at all everything looks nice and tight no loose parts or anything like that I will update soon as I have some rounds down range with it but as for the transaction I definitely recommend them and will be doing more business with them in the future will update ASAP

  2. Tlow Armour (verified owner)

    Ok so I don’t got a ton of rounds through it yet but I do have around 300 and let me just say wow I love this thing the very first 20 shots was on a moa target and I’m not the beaSt shooter and was off a post not a bench or anything at right at 80yards I know not 100yd but it’s where I had so anyway first group of 5 was 1.07” next was 1.23” next was 1.74” and then .73” needless to say I’m very happy with the accuracy with better ammo and a bench rest definitely sub moa first 3 groups was 55gr ae and the last was freedom munitions 77gr bthp so it also is not very picky on ammo I ran everything thru it on my outing from cheap to expensive and 0 issues I even ran 60 wolf thru it no issues atall I absolutely love this thing bout all I can say is great upper at a great price that can knock a tick off a hounds a** at 100yd lolol hope this helps someone make their choice

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