For those of you out there that are “like-minded” individuals, take my advice on this one. If you prepare for the worst, or you really believe that when the SHTF you’re good to go, and you don’t have Gen 3 NVG’s (, you’re lying to yourself. If you can’t safely move at night, you’re not going to make it long. There will be those individuals that do have night vision, and they will dominate the situation. For those of you that don’t have it, you’re a easy target. Get it now, and learn how to use it both with a night vision compatible optic like a EOTech 552, Burris scope, or Aimpoint, and as a handheld monocular. Movement at night will be a key element of surviving the worst. The survivors of Benghazi are living testaments of how powerful Gen3+ NVG is. Without it, they may not be here to tell their stories. Don’t wait until the shit is already flying to buy one. By then, it’s already too late. “If you can see at night, you own the fight” PVS-14-3rd_Generation_Night_Vision_Monocular