For those of you who haven’t had the privilege of trying one of the HIPERFIRE®( triggers, you really don’t know what you’re missing.  I’m a trigger junky when it comes to the AR15.  Whether it’s 300 blackout, 6.5, .308, 9mm, or 556/223, short range or long range, duty rifle, or bench gun, these triggers are badass.  Even the HIPERFIRE® EDT, is no joke.  It is easily the best value trigger for under $100.  Crisp break on pull, and great reset for the money.  The HIPERFIRE® ECL ( is the pinnacle of their line up and no doubt in the top 3 triggers on the market.   Some of the triggers out there, either require a bit of a learning curve, feel too light, or are complete gimicks,  but all of the HIPERFIRE® triggers are solid and no one I’ve talked to, including myself, say that you have to “figure” them out or learn how to make them operate as advertised.  These are easy to shoot, control, and best of all, if you want to dump brass fast, you can on the first magazine.  If you want a trigger that can serve both the duty and hobby slot for your AR, try one of these let me know what you think.